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681 Main Street, Suite 211

Thursday, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Located upstairs in the
Wilkinson-Hupcey Building
(the Old Mid-town Mall)


(530) 295-8540

Fax (530) 295-8542

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Jessica Hammonds, RN

Blood Center Manager

cell: (530) 417-5793



Susanne Brown

Managing Director, Donor Operations

office: (209) 932-8145




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Blood donors save lives. 

Itís that simple.  Blood is necessary for life, and it isnít like cold medicine or aspirin ?there is no substitute and we canít just create it when itís needed.  Blood is only available when a volunteer blood donor provides that gift of life for another person. 

Every day, patients in Marshall Medical Center need blood. There are as many different types of patients who need it as there are reasons for blood transfusions.


Blood is needed by teenagers in car in accidents, mothers experiencing complications during childbirth, fathers undergoing heart surgery, children with leukemia, premature babies with tiny lungs, grandparents with severe anemia, firefighters burned in the line of duty and many others.


Marshall Community Blood Center is proud to be partnering with donors like C.W. from El Dorado to meet the needs of patients in our community.

...."I was a first time donor (Jan '05) and the staff at the Center were very friendly.  It was my contribution to El Dorado County and I would donate again."


It is through the generous blood donations of people like C.W. that Marshall Community Blood Center is able to be the sole provider of blood to the patients in Marshall Medical Center. 


Blood is amazing. It keeps us alive and allows each of us the opportunity to give to others the gift to help them heal and to live. Each and every day, the lives of patients in Marshall Medical Center are saved because a complete stranger cared enough to donate a single pint of blood. You may not always see their faces, but the adults and children helped by your gift of blood are very real. And they are very grateful.


The need for blood is continuous. Please help us to keep up with the demand. Your blood is precious. Keep it here, local and available, by donating at Marshall Community Blood Center.

For more information about blood donations and eligibility, please call (888) 942-5663 or e-mail at info@marshallblood.org. If you'd like to sponsor a blood drive at your school, church, business or organization, please call (209) 932-8145 or e-mail at drives@marshallblood.org.





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